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PVD thin film material - sputtering target material


PVD coating materials are key materials for various thin film materials. They have a wide range of applications and a wide variety. Their purity, density, and quality play an important role in the quality and performance of final electronic devices or optical components. At present, the purity of high-end thin film materials is generally 99.99% -99.9999% (i.e. 4-6 N), and their quality has a significant impact on coating performance, production efficiency, and cost. The development of PVD coating materials involves multiple technical characteristics such as electrical, magnetic, thermal, reflectivity, and color appearance.

As a manufacturer, Senxiang develops coating materials suitable for PVD film materials according to the specific needs of customers. For example, metal materials require techniques such as plastic processing and heat treatment; Ceramic materials adopt technologies such as powder processing and sintering (vacuum sintering, atmospheric sintering, atmosphere sintering, and pressure sintering); Some special alloys require the use of composite powder preparation technology due to the uniformity of composition, with the aim of controlling the microstructure of the material, such as grain size, density, texture, etc., to meet customer product requirements.

Senxiang will use the latest technology to manufacture sputtering target materials that meet market demand, providing customers with customized process solutions and sputtering target products.