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About Us

Our History

We are professional ceramic sputtering target, alloy sputtering target, metal sputtering target manufacturers and suppliers in china. Senxiang (Ningbo) New Material Co., Ltd., founded in March 2014, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production, sales and coating technical support of magnetron sputtering targets. The production base is located in Wangchun Industrial Park, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

The high-purity metal box high-performance ceramic target products produced by the company with independent intellectual property rights have been applied to the magnetron sputtering coating of energy-saving glass, smart glass, thin film solar energy, display devices and semiconductor device industries.

The company's development philosophy: master the key core technology of material preparation and become the leader and supplier of high-end magnetron sputtering target materials.

Our Factory

Senxiang (Ningbo) New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Wangchun Industrial Park, Jishi Port, Ningbo, China. Since the establishment of the factory in 2014, it has ten years of experience in specialized production of target materials. The products it produces occupy a leading position in the same industry. Its business scope includes processing and sales: IZO target, silicon target, aluminum target, AZO target, zinc oxide target, niobium oxide target, etc. The products have won high praise from customers and users with exquisite workmanship, exquisite craftsmanship, strict dimensional tolerance, optimized sales philosophy and good reputation; In recent years, our factory has continuously expanded its production force and further tightened its technical strength, and has formed a benign enterprise operation mechanism. Welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate sincerely and create brilliance together.

Product Application

Energy-saving glass, smart glass, thin-film solar energy, display devices and semiconductor device industry.

Our Certificate

Invention patent number Patent name category
1 ZL200910098518.2 Medium temperature preparation method of zinc oxide-based ceramic sputtering target invent
2 ZL201010166001.5 Preparation method of transparent conductive oxide nanopowder slurry invent
3 ZL201010166497.6 Preparation method of zinc oxide-based sputtering target invent
4 ZL201010135498.4 Co-doped nano-zinc oxide powder and preparation method invent
5 ZL201110116568.6 Preparation method of suede structure zinc oxide transparent conductive film invent
6 ZL201110167171.X Colorless transparent conductive ink and preparation method and application thereof invent
7 ZL201210172083.3 Zinc oxide-based transparent conductive film and preparation method thereof invent
8 201610880632.0 Preparation method of zinc oxide ceramic sputtering target invent
9 201611175290.9 Conductive titanium oxide ceramic sputtering target and preparation method thereof invent
10 201611175322.5 Zinc oxide transparent conductive material with excellent environmental stability and preparation method thereof invent
11 201721655783.2 A kind of sandblasting guard for large spraying rotating targets Utility models
12 201721655843.0 A real-time observation device for plasma thermal spraying rotating targets Utility models
13 201721655331.4 An observation protection device for atmospheric plasma thermal spray booth Utility models
14 201810509361.7 Preparation method of high density silicon-aluminum rotating target invent
15 201810432307.7 Preparation method of large-size AZO magnetron sputtering target with controlled oxygen vacancy invent
16 201810922772.9 Multivariately doped ZnO coating materials and their preparation methods and applications invent

Production Equipment

Plasma vacuum spraying, GTV plasma spraying, abrasive belt grinder, lathe, surface grinder, WEDM, cold isostatic pressure machine, sandblasting machine, target binding equipment, powder mixer, C-SCAN, metallographic equipment, deionized water equipment

Detection Equipment

Production Market

Domestic sales are stable at 40 million yuan per year

Our Service

1. Advantages of raw materials:

An annual contract was signed for the purchase of raw materials. Silicon powder and aluminum powder, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel tubes and other raw materials were purchased from a corresponding large raw material supplier. The supplier has sufficient production capacity and excellent quality control to ensure the stability and quality of raw material supply.

2. Equipment capacity advantages:

Our company has 2 large lathes, 1 ultra-high-speed sand blasting and priming equipment, 2 ultrasonic cleaning equipment, 1 electric arc spraying equipment, 3 ultra-high temperature plasma spraying production lines, 1 GTV spraying equipment imported from Germany, and an annual production capacity of more than 2000 silicon and aluminum targets.

Our company has 4 sets of injection molding equipment, 2 sets of cold isostatic pressure machines, 4 sets of high temperature sintering furnaces, multiple sets of wire cutting, internal grinder and external grinder, 4 binding lines, 1 set of ultra-large ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, and more than 1000 AZO annual production capacity.

3. Technical advantages:

Our R&D personnel are a team of 14 doctors, including Song Weijie and Yang Ye, from the Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with strong theoretical and R&D capabilities; The front-line technicians are all engaged in the target industry for more than 10 years, with rich work experience, strong sense of responsibility, skilled technology and stable process.

4. Quality advantages:

The target material produced by our company has high purity and few impurities during coating. High density, long coating life; Polishing is exquisite, and surface contamination is less; The target has high processing accuracy, good sealing and high vacuum.

5. After-sales advantages:

The company is equipped with a number of technical service personnel who are familiar with the performance of the target and understand the knowledge of the coating industry. It can not only provide customers with questions about the target material, but also help customers solve some doubts during the coating process.

Cooperative Case